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Website Development

Website Development

Website Development or Simply Web Development is a process to design a Web Page for the  Internet (a Public Network) or for the Intranet (a Private Network). Web Development may have a different form like Simple HTML page, Text, Dynamic Web Page, Electronic Businesses and Social Network Services. Website Development also refers as Web Engineering, Web Design, Web Content Development, Web Application Development, Client/ Server Scripting, and E-Commerce Web Development.

Technologies used to Develop a Web Page.

There are so many client side and server side scripting language to develop a perfect Web Page. Web Development may include more than one technologies and Client/Server Side scripting language to design a complete Web Page.

Some of the technologies used include:

Web Page Lifecycle model

Web Page Lifecycle model includes a different phase of Development like Process, Requirement, Design, Engineering, Construction, Testing, Debugging, Deployment and Maintenance. This model is also known as Agile software development.