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eCommerce Website

eCommerce Website

Definition of eCommerce Website Design

Let’s Understand eCommerce first. eCommerce is an activity of buying or selling of products, goods, services over the Internet or over the online services. eCommerce is a broad term that includes mobile commerce, Inventory system, online marketing, internet marketing, online transaction, electronic fund transfer, Shipping management, etc.

Electronic commerce and Internet commerce are the same terms for eCommerce. eCommerce is not limited to buying or selling physical products or goods. eCommerce includes physical products, Digital Products, Downloaded Products, Online Subscription for Services, online transaction and many more things. e-Business and online business also related to eCommerce.

eCommerce Website Design

eCommerce website design art to design a great platform or portal from where customer can buy products or services. User Interface and User Experience for eCommerce Website Design is more important for a great eCommerce Portal. eCommerce Website includes different technologies, tools, platforms, and analytics to make online purchasing as simple as possible. While designing a website for an online store or online shopping portal, Simple, classic and Responsive website layout create a great User experience.

eCommerce Website is the same as a supermarket where customer can access all the available items in the supermarket. In the supermarket, all the items arranged by the categories so that customers can easily access. While designing of eCommerce website all the things needs to keep in mind. All the products in the online store must be categorized and properly arranged. All the items should have a description along with the price. There are also some easy access and daily required products that you can suggest to the customer at the checkout time.

Type of eCommerce Model

There is a different type of eCommerce Website. We can divide them into the following categories.

Business to Business (B2B)

Business to Business also knows as B2B website. When eCommerce Website design to sell products or services to serve another business it categorized as B2B Website. For example Software Company Design Software-As-A-Services (SAAS) to serve another business.

Business to Consumer (B2C)

Business to Consumer also knows as B2C website. When eCommerce Website design to sell products or services direct to the consumer, it categorized as B2C Website. For example, buy cloth from the online cloth shopping website.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

Consumer to Consumer also knows as C2C website. eCommerce website design where a consumer can sell products or services to another consumer. For example, Sell old furniture or items over OLX or another website.

Consumer to Business (C2B)

Consumer to Business also knows as C2B website. When a consumer sells their own products or services to a business or organization, It categorized as C2B Website.

Our eCommerce or shopping website design

Our eCommerce or shopping website design includes the following features which create a perfect eCommerce platform.

    • Secure website with SSL and running website over https only
    • Top user-friendly navigation
    • User can able to add products in the wishlist for future purchase
    • Login for the customers
    • Store locator to find the local store
    • Language option for multiple languages
    • Display shopping cart along with cart items
    • Search bar for easy search
    • Quick contact for sale and support
    • Top header slider for offers and deals
    • Space to display free shipping, loyalty program and other risk reducers
    • CTA (Call To Action) to push people to product collection and important sales pages
    • Display features products
    • Display best selling products
    • Display new arrivals products
    • Display recommended for you
    • Pages for FAQ, returns & exchanges, store locator, shipping information, order tracking etc.
    • Pages for about us and contact us
    • Pages for Terms and conditions, privacy policy and sitemap
    • Social media Icons and links
    • Newsletter signup at the footer
    • Live chat and sales support
    • Display payment option at the footer
    • Products category wise pages
    • Pagination on the store and category pages
    • Product filter and sorting
    • Breadcrumb navigation
    • Category page description
    • Individual product page
    • Media gallery and zoom effect for the product images
    • Price information with potential sales or discounts
    • Social share buttons and emails on the product page
    • Product description along with details parameters
    • Consumer reviews and rating on the product
    • Shipping cost calculation
    • Trust signal around add to cart button
    • Display related product on the product page
    • Fields for billing and shipping address on the shopping cart
    • Shipping method and calculation based on address details
    • Implement different shipping methods like FedEx, DHL, DTDC etc.
    • Free shipping option based on order value
    • Payment options like online payment, COD, by check, by bank transfer etc.
    • Payment gateway implementation like PayPal, Stripe, Paytm, Instamojo, CCAvenue, PayUMoney, PayU, PayBiz, BillDesk etc.
    • Cart details and summary on the checkout page
    • Option to edit, delete or update product quantity on the checkout page
    • Order summary along with order confirmation email
    • Backend to manage the order
    • Backend to add, update, delete products
    • Backend to add, update, delete users
    • Backend to update order status and view order history
    • Backend to manage customers and send a newsletter
    • Backend to add, update, delete categories and tags
    • Backend for price setup, payment gateway and shipping methods
    • Backend to maintain SMS and email alerts
    • Backend to maintain Tax, GST, Discounts and coupons
    • backend to generate the invoice, label print and shipping slip
    • And much more…

Our eCommerce or shopping website design services include a high-quality website, professional look, maintain a brand value or help to create new brand value, high-quality content, high-quality images, low website loading time and much more.

For your eCommerce Website design requirement please feel free to contact us.

Want to know more about eCommerce Website design? Please refer this Wikipedia link.