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Online Food Order Delivery in Ahmedabad

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Order Food Online Ahmedabad
Order Food Online Ahmedabad

Online Food Order Delivery in Ahmedabad

Foods- our everyday needs. Nowadays life becomes busy. Daily we have lots of tasks and having no time to cook good food. Especially in Ahmedabad while we talking about the working life everyone says that too much busy every day. General office time in Ahmedabad is 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM and people travel from a long distance so its take almost 13-14 hour per single day.

In this critical situation cooking healthy food within a short time period is almost impossible and this is the reason why people from Ahmedabad refer order food online. There are so many online food order from Ahmedabad in a single day and it increases day by days.

What is included in the Online Food Delivery Website/ App?

Online Food Delivery Website is part of E-Commerce Website. E-Commerce Website generally includes product listing, shop page, product description, Add to Cart Functionality, Checkout functionality and shipping module if required. But while we talking about the Online Food Delivery Website its include more than just E-Commerce Website. Here is a list of a module that must be a part of an online food delivery website.

Vendor Management

Vendor or we can say a restaurant owner who is listed on the website. In vendor Management, a site administrator can add, update or delete the vendor. This process may include some charges for a vendor to get listed on the website. This process included vendor verification, vendor contact verification( like email, mobile number and other information), Vendor metadata like restaurant name, restaurant address details etc.

Store Management

After creating a vendor account, a vendor can manage them store with login details. A vendor can manage store URL within the website (like sub URL), store name, store contact person information, store timing, store contact details, store feedback details, Terms & Condition for the store if any, Privacy Policy, Refund Policy etc.

Product Management

All the product listed in the store is added by the vendor from his/her account. Product listing includes product name, description, original price, sales price, short description, SKU number, other attributes, SEO title, SEO description, product images etc.

Delivery Module

Food Order Delivery in Ahmedabad
Food Order Delivery in Ahmedabad

The delivery module includes order management, order processing, change order status, order delivery, invoice generation and keep all the order details. It also includes delivery reports, order report and annual report.

All the module listed above is not just functionality. It is a group of functionality that includes so many tasks within it.

How to Order Food Online from online food website?

If the online food website includes all the module like vendor, store management, product management, order processing and delivery mode than you can follow the following steps to order food online in Ahmedabad.

Go to the home page and select vendor/restaurant from the list of available restaurants. If you don’t have restaurant selection in your mind you can simply use the search box to search the food items.

In simple steps:

Go to Home Page -> Select Restaurant -> Select Food Items -> Add all the selected items into the cart-> go to checkout page -> Fill all the required information-> Select payment method -> make payment -> That’s all done.

Are you want to start your online food order website?

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