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You are currently viewing Foodiss – Online Food Order Delivery in Gandhidham | Order Food Online Gandhidham
Foodiss - online food order in gandhidham


Online Food Order Delivery in Gandhidham

Foodiss online food delivery gandhidham
Foodiss online food delivery Gandhidham

Order Food Online Gandhidham with Foodiss.
Foodiss is an online food delivery website, design and develops by Developean Software Solutions to serve online food order requirement of the people from Gandhidham, Kutch, Gujarat.

Brijrajsinh Jadeja who is the owner and valuable customer for us, had one innovative idea to start food delivery app and Website in Gandhidham. Mr Jadeja had a simple requirement to delivery best food at the best price to the customer and we convert them idea into a success story. Today Foodiss is a popular brand in the Gandhidham and people like to order food online from Foodiss.

History of Foodiss

27 July 2017 was the day when the domain for the Foodiss is registered by Team Developean.  Foodiss take almost 2 years to get popular in Gandhidham. In the beginning, Team Developean searching for .COM domain but due to unavailability of .COM domain we think that .IN is good to go with.

After Taking domain, we were started working on the project. The basic idea was to create a website where admin or manager can add food products in the admin panel and a customer can order food from the front end.

Project Phase 1

In phase 1 our task was to design the layout of the website and create Admin panel from where Admin or Manager can add new products. At the end of phase 1, we rethink about the requirement and requirement was fulfilled. Now our next requirement was to add vendor / Restaurant Partner who can create an account in Foodiss, Manage them Store, Add Products into the Store, Manage Orders and Complete the order.

Project Phase 2

In Phase 2 our task was to manage vendor, orders and manage food products and how to deliver the food order. We were implemented multivendor functionality with vendor dashboard and vendor store from where a vendor can manage everything about the store. After the successful completion of phase 2, we had a new requirement to implement email and SMS notification so that storekeeper and customer can get notification about the new order.

Project Phase 3

In phase 3 our task was to implement notification functionality using email and SMS. We had implemented email and SMS notification everywhere as per requirement. And for this functionality, we purchase Transactional and Promotional Bulk SMS. We have our own Bulk SMS service API so no need to purchase from other Bulk SMS service provider. Our own Bulk SMS API helps our customer to reduce the SMS cost.

Project Phase 4

In phase 4 our task was to delivery, maintenance and deployment of the Web Application on the server.

It was a great journey with Foodiss. At every phase, we had new challenges and we accept those challenges and finally, Foodiss- The online Food Order Delivery Website in Gandhidham was ready.

Project Phase 5

In phase 5, our task was to implement SEO for the website. We had a list of task like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Backlink Generation, Blog Post over different Website, Finding the Best Keyword for the Website, Increase the domain authority and so on.

And look this is the result of our SEO. First page First Rank in the Google Search Engine.

online food order gandhidham
online food order Gandhidham

Some Statistics about the Foodiss

Performance report for the Foodiss in last 3 month from Google Webmaster. Here we don’t want to share the customer and website personal details, This is only to show the Performance of the Foodiss Website.

Performance report for Foodiss
Performance report for Foodiss

We can see that the total impressions of the website are 266000 and total click in the past 3 months is 3.95K. There is a daily hike in the impressions and total search click from the Google Search Engine. May possible there is additional traffic from the other resources like Bing Search Engine, Social Media etc.

How to order online food from Foodiss?

Online food order with the Foodiss is not that much hard. Easy and Simple layout helps to the customer for fast order process with Foodiss. Almost all the famous restaurants from Gandhidham are listed in Foodiss. If you already have a choice for the restaurant you can make it easy just follow the following process.

Go to Home Page -> Select Vendor / Restaurant -> Select Food Items from the list of items -> Press the Add to Cart Button -> Fill the Checkout form -> Select Payment Method -> That’s all done.

If you don’t have restaurant selection in your mind you can use a search box to search the food item you want to search.  Please follow the following process for online food order from Foodiss.

Go to Home Page -> Search Food Item -> Select Food item from the list ( Display multiple vendors if same food item offer by the different vendor)-> Press the Add to Cart Button -> Fill the Checkout form -> Select Payment Method -> That’s all done.

Are you want to start your online Website like Foodiss?

we are always ready to work with a new customer even we say them as our business partners. We like new challenges and idea and always try to convert it into a success story. Feel free to share your idea or ask for the suggestion to our experts, who can help you to grow your online business.

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