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What is Power by Developean E-Commerce?

Power by Developean E-Commerce is a trusted seal by Developean Software solution. It is specially designed for the E-Commerce and shopping website to validate the website for E-commerce functionality.

As E-commerce website differs from the other websites. E-commerce website contains shopping functionality and online payment. An e-commerce site may ask users to enter a name, email, contact number, address and credit or debit card details.

To validate all the information filling by the user at the checkout page is secure or not, Developean Software Solution design a trusted seal called “Power by Developean E-Commerce”.

The website with “Power by Developean E-Commerce” trusted seal means website having SSL certificate implementation plus website maintain user details safe and secure.

Here is the list of validation done before giving “Power by Developean E-Commerce” trusted seal to the website.
1. SSL certificate implementation with valid SSL provider
2. Safety about user personal details
3. Standard Technologies for E-commerce website
4. The standard payment gateway for online payment
5. Contact details to report an issue.

Here is the trusted seal sample.

power by developean eCommerce
power by developean eCommerce