On-Demand Remote Staffing

On-Demand Remote Staffing solutions

Developean Consultancy Services is one of the leading providers of end to end solutions in the On-Demand Remote Staffing space. At Developean, we combine innovative technology with the human touch to save costs, enhance quality, and maximize efficiency for your business.

With companies across the globe laying critical emphasis on their human resources management, temp staffing is a fast catching up trend because it helps improves focus on core / critical activities, can be adapted to the seasonal nature of the business, helps counter business uncertainties and demand of scale up and scale down of business. Comprise flexibility and business freedom with our excellent contract staffing services.


  • Excellent team

    Excellent Team of Leaders having great Industry Exposure.

  • Effective delivery

    Prompt and Effective delivery of all our services. Efficient, robust paramount practices.

  • Quality efforts

    We can save your efforts of the long-lasting, troublesome and often unproductive business of head hunting.

  • Genuineness and commitment

    Our assurance and accountability of the genuineness and commitment of our candidates. We have the most rigorous referral Checks and best screening processes including psychometric tests to ensure that only the best candidates are chosen for your organization.

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High quality and cost-effective remote staffing services

Hire experienced candidates

Developean is the leading staffing solutions provider in the country and has significant experience in getting skilled employees the job of their dreams and making sure that employers find the ideal candidate or the staff that they want. keep in touch with us today to find experienced candidates in your preferred location.

The leading staffing solutions provider

One of the leading staffing agencies in India – Developean comes with 7+ years of experience. If you are looking for an ideal candidate for vacancies in any sector, be it – banking, finance, marketing, research, sales, etc., then get in touch with us. We will bridge the gap in the employment market and find the best talent available for you.

The best staffing services

Are you looking for one of the creative and technology-driven staffing services in India? We are here to help you with the best staffing services. India is one of the fastest-growing countries in the world and many organizations offer an array of job opportunities in various sectors. We provide the best staffing services and match your requirements with that of talented employees.

Industries We Serve

Looking to hire?

Developean Consultancy Services provides you the custom service for hiring the best talent within your expected duration.

Looking for job?

We are continuously looking for the best candidates like you to hire for our openings.


Feel free to contact us for your requirement.

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