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Top 10 Reasons Why LinkedIn Matters for Your Business’ Organic Reach

LinkedIn is an American business and employment-oriented service that operates via websites and mobile apps. And with 94% of B2B marketers using LinkedIn to distribute content, it’s also a great place to show the world what your business and employees have to offer. If you’re not using LinkedIn for business, you’re missing out on ways to boost your company’s reach — and bottom line.

Reasons #1: A Great Platform for connecting with professionals

It is very important to network with the people in your industry and carry on the relationship which you once made with them in person. LinkedIn lets you do just that – create strong connections, between professionals, like-minded individuals, thought-leaders and people whom you share similar interests with. You can ask questions, share knowledge, get important insights, voice your opinions and knowledge about job openings.

Reasons #2: Generating leads and referrals

Your LinkedIn activity shows other professionals that you value and participate in business communities, and sends a message about your company’s competence with technology and emerging media. Especially for business-to-business firms, these connections can drive referrals that result in new clients, customers and contracts.

Reasons #3: Ultimate personal branding platform

Your LinkedIn page is the best platform to promote yourself as a professional. You can key in your achievements, your job experience and topics which interest you. It can be used as a platform to advertise your skills, build credibility as a professional and increase your visibility. Videos and images in the summary and experience fields can truly develop a three-dimensional view of your brand, painting a compelling picture of who you are in the real world.

Reasons #4: Showcasing products and services

With LinkedIn’s company pages, it’s easy to communicate what you have to offer and to tailor this message for different industries, groups and demographics. Listing your products also allows you to collect recommendations, as one report notes, and “to drive traffic back to your website’s products or services page, which can ultimately drive sales.”

Reasons #5: Attracting new talent

While LinkedIn is useful for job hunters, it’s much more than a place to surreptitiously post resumes. The network offers companies a great way to advertise job openings to a diverse talent pool. Plus, the candidate profiles say much more about a potential employee than the typical resume and work samples.

Reasons #6: Remain on the top of what’s happening in the industry

LinkedIn is a good way of keeping abreast of what’s happening in the industry. Connecting with peers and colleagues will help you gain knowledge, information, and insights and will keep you up-to-date and on top of all important events relevant to you. You get first-hand information about your industry or job function which is unfiltered by the media.

Reasons #7: Reinforcing your reputation

As a marketing tool, LinkedIn provides a great way to share your company’s story, and develop trust and subject-matter authority through regular updates and customer recommendations.

Reasons #8: Great way of being found on Google

LinkedIn pages, both individual and company, tend to rank well on Google. If you have a LinkedIn page, there are high chances that the page will be one of the first results when people search you on Google. So LinkedIn is not only an excellent way of being found, but it is also an excellent way for recruiters to look you up and know more about you.

Reasons #9: The most efficient way to manage your network

LinkedIn becomes your CRM system for managing and communicating with contacts. You no longer need to use your email as your contacts manager or worry about lost connections. LinkedIn becomes your perpetual contacts database – while allowing you to share information with various subsets of your contacts.

Reasons #10: The most efficient professional social media platform

If you’re interested in generating website traffic (cough—bloggers, aspiring biz owners, startup founders—cough), LinkedIn is more effective than other social media sources. 

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